Hades (Contemporary Mythos, #1) by Carly Spade

"Everyone is born good. It’s what happens through life, which sways them in one direction or the other. They choose." I love the grumpy, angsty, tortured, wary God of the Underworld. I absolutely love the way Carly depicted Hades. He is a good guy who has been portrayed badly within the media. His job and... Continue Reading →

Permanent Record by Mary H.K. Choi

"Wait, who are you, man?” -Ross This is a question that everyone has been asked at some point in their life. Not necessarily by someone specific, but at least by themselves. And at different points in life, that answer changes. Is Pablo a college dropout? Is he the boyfriend of a teen celebrity? Is he... Continue Reading →

Mind Games by Shana Silver

This was such an amazing book! Read at your own caution for potential spoilers! Mind Games is a sci-fi book where the main character sells memories. I love the idea that our memories are backed up to a cloud system where we can access them at anytime. Rather than saving photos, you can save full... Continue Reading →

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