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Christmas in July

READ: 0/9

1. Countries such as Australia, Samoa, Bolivia, Paraguay and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere have winter during June, July and August. To get a “Christmas feel” with the winter weather, citizens in the Southern Hemisphere will often celebrate Christmas in both July and December.
– Read a book set in the Southern Hemisphere.
– Read a book set in wintertime.
– Read a book with snow on the cover.

2. In the United States, there is often a merchandising lull between the 4th of July and the Back to School sales, so merchants take advantage of having “Christmas in July” sales to increase profits.
– Read a book with a store on the cover
– Read a book that starts with a letter in PROFIT
– Read a book that has been a NYT bestseller

3. Hallmark Channel will often air its block of Christmas movies in July.
– Read a romance book set at Christmastime
– Read a book on the I Saw The Movie and Read the Book Listopia
– Read a book with double letters in the title (like haLLmark)

4. The Harry Potter movies and books always have a scene set around Christmastime.
– Read a Harry Potter book
– Read a book tagged magic
– Read a book with an unlikely hero or heroine

5. When people in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate Christmas in July, they get to do things like go to the beach, go surfing, and hang out in the sunshine.
– Read a book with a sun on the cover
– Read a book from the Beach Reads Mysteries Thrillers listopia
– Read a book that has all the letters of BEACH in the title

6. A movie from 1940 called Christmas in July tells the story of a man fooled into believing he has won $25,000 in an advertising slogan contest. He buys presents for family, friends, and neighbors, and proposes marriage to his girlfriend.
– Read a book set in or published in the 1940s
– Read a book where someone is tricked or fooled
Read a book where someone proposes marriage: Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend by Crystal Hemingway

7. The Calvary Baptist Church in Washington DC holds a special service that is broadcast via radio worldwide to help promote the Christmas spirit.
– Read a book with a religious character
– Read a book set in Washington DC
– Read a book that is published in 2 or more languages

8. Some TV sitcoms have latched on to the “Christmas in July” holiday and have episodes where the workers request that day off or take the day off to hold their own celebrations.
– Read a book tagged humor
– Read a book set in an office environment
– Read a book that was made into a TV series, or has a TV series tie-in

9. In the iconic “A Christmas Carol” Scrooge is visited by three ghosts, and at the end of the night he is a changed man, and embodies the Christmas spirit every day of his life. (sorry if this is a spoiler).
– Read or listen to A Christmas Carol
– Read a book from the Books that Changed My World listopia
– Read a book with ghosts

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