Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears

tried very hard to read this book separate from my feelings regarding the media situation with Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears. I am trying to keep this review in the same manner, as a separate entity.

The only time that I felt the writing in this book was authentic, was during the time that Jamie Lynn was recounting Maddie’s accident. Everything else felt very defensive, pleading, and unorganized. There were many chapters that contained the sentiments simply written in a different way. It felt like Jamie Lynn was on edge and rushed through writing the book in order to get it out to the public as quickly as she could.

The few experiences she shared that were hers were great. I would have loved to hear more about her time on various shows, performing, and singing. Instead it felt like a defensive impassioned plea where she wants to be left alone. Her experiences were left very bare and those are what interested me to try this book.

Very disappointed honestly.


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