Drive Me Daisy (Bloomin’ Psychic #3) by Annabel Chase

“Don’t let pride stop you from giving yourself what you need. It’s self-defeating.”

I love that in this book, Mia is learning how to stand up for herself and not discount her feelings. Watching her evolve in her dealings with her mother is great to see. I hope there is more regarding this relationship in future books!

This book was slow for me. It wasn’t quite as engaging as the previous two but I still enjoyed it. I liked the way the mystery had a little more relevance in Mia’s life with regards to the witch aspect of it.

The voodoo doll portion felt a little forced and I was left with questions regarding it. Who else were there voodoo dolls of? Why were there so many voodoo dolls? If Nora was trying to help her ex with his problem, why was that being done with a voodoo doll or was she trying to make sure the problem stayed?


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