Raised in Fire (Fire and Ice #1) by K. F. Breene

I discovered this author through her Leveling Up series which I adore. However, I was disappointed with this series. Now, I have only read book 1 so I am hoping books 2 and 3 are better.

I do enjoy the main character of this book, Reagan. She’s a badass woman who is used to doing things on her own and knows that the only person she can fully trust and rely on is herself. I love the relationships she has with others and I love her self-motivation.

Darius annoyed me more than anyone else in this book. I’m glad that right now he seems to be reliable, but I don’t expect that to continue. Maybe I’m simply cynical, but we will see. Also, his character seemed very back and forth. I felt that he was really two different people put into one and I found myself confused at the storyline when it involved him.

Dizzy and Callie are great! I love the relationship, past and present, with Reagan and I am hopeful for future encounters.

For some reason, I had a hard time keeping my attention on this book. While it was well-written, I found my mind wandering and it was difficult to read more than a few pages at a time before reaching for my phone to do other things. Maybe I just need a short paranormal break before I read book 2.


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