Magical Midlife Invasion (Leveling Up #3) by K.F. Breene

As with books 1 and 2 of this series, the author does a fantastic job at pulling you into the story from the first page.

Spoilers ahead!

In this addition to the series, Jessie is steadily learning her new magic and getting adjusted to flying. Now, on top of all the other craziness that she is adjusting to in her life, Jessie also has to deal with a visit from her {non-magic} parents. This adds an element of hilarity to the book as her parents flat out refuse to acknowledge what goes on around them. While it is hilarious to read, it also adds an element of truth to the book as how often do people notice something strange and just ignore it or blow it off if it doesn’t fit into their mindset of how their world is. Not necessarily magic or not.

The determination and tenacity that Jessie has is amazing. And it is refreshing to have a series that focuses on an adult woman rather than a teenager. Even though it is fiction, it makes it more believable and relatable. Or maybe that’s just because I’m {almost} 30 and feel even older than that lately. It’s also nice to have a paranormal/fantasy series that doesn’t simply revolve around sex. It’s refreshing to see the way Jessie and Austin’s relationship progresses and that they are focusing on what is best for them, and the town/others, rather than simply on their attraction to each other.

I did not like the ending of this book as I wanted to just smack Jessie and co for their failure to observe who was right in front them. But I am eagerly waiting for book 4. Available on 2/23. Not that it’s marked in my calendar or anything 😉


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