Logging Off by Nick Spalding

From bestselling author Nick Spalding comes a hilarious, uplifting story about one man’s attempt to live a tech free life.

Andy Bellows is in a right state. Plagued with insomnia, anxiety and neckache, he’s convinced there’s something seriously wrong with him. And the worst thing is that his doctor agrees. The diagnosis: Andy is in the grip of a self-destructive addiction to technology—he just cannot put that bloody mobile phone down.

Texting, tweeting, gaming and online dating—technology rules Andy’s life. His phone even monitors his bowel movements. So how will he cope when he’s forced to follow doctor’s orders and step away from all of his beloved screens?

When he loses his precious digital window on the world, Andy discovers just how bewildering and scary living an analogue life can be. And when his sixty-day detox hits the headlines—making him a hero to suffering technophiles everywhere—Andy is sorely tempted to pack it all in and escape in the nearest Uber.

Can he get himself out of this mess, and work out how to live a better, technologically balanced life…without consulting Google even once?

I have never read/listened to a book by Nick Spalding that isn’t amazing, and Logging Off is no exception! I discovered his books a couple months ago and have been devouring them ever since.

One of my favorite aspects of Nick Spalding’s books is that he ties in little nuances from his other novels. While listening to Logging Off, I smiled every time he mentioned characters/events from other novels that he has written.

Logging Off is a humorous novel that deals with the real-life aspect of being constantly plugged in to social media. The idea of a digital detox sounds simple in concept, but would be very difficult in reality. As the story of Andy shows, we rely on our cell phones for everything. From something as simple as seeing what the weather will be to getting directions to a new location to posting pictures to find a missing piece of jewelry. We also rely on the internet to find reviews about a new restaurant, store, etc. Going without social media, and the internet in general, allows for more meaningful relationships and interactions with other people.

The character of Andy is very relatable and consistently invokes senses of familiarity while reading his story. People are so focused on social media and on what “influencers” are doing, that they forget to live their own lives. Also, even though everyone knows that social media is only a portrayal of the life that you want to live, people still get caught up in it every day and wish that their lives matched those of the people they follow.

Nick Spalding does an incredible job at bringing real life issues into a fictional narrative but still bringing these issues to light in a way that people can relate to.


Logging Off: https://amzn.to/3blmeVS
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