These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling

***Spoilers ahead***

This was a great choice for my Book of the Month Young Adult box! I initially chose it solely based off of the title and the cover. But I am very glad with my decision.

This was a very quick and engaging read. The story was captivating and made it difficult to stop even when I needed to. Hannah story seemed, at first, like a typical teenagers. Teenage angst, rebellion, trying to find your place in the world… of course with the added twist of being able to do magic and be a witch.

While I did understand the need to focus the book somewhat on her relationships, I did find that to be a little excessive for the plot of the story. I would have preferred to learn more about what being an elemental which means, as well as the history of her coven, and her life in general.

I definitely did not feel that her dad‘s death needed to be part of the book. It felt that it was thrown in there to be the “token” death of the fight. I was also disappointed with who the antagonist turned out to be. I did not see it coming, which was a nice surprise, but I really wish that it had been someone else. Actually, the person that I was hoping it would be would have made the story a bit more interesting, although at the same time it probably would have been more foreseeable.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed the book and greatly enjoyed Hannah‘s character. I enjoyed watching her relationships, both romantic and platonic, grow throughout the book. I hope to see more in the future with Hannah and everyone else.

Thank you to Book of the Month for this book! If you have not already checked out the subscription box, I highly highly recommend that you do so!


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