You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

If you have the choice to either read this book or to listen to the audiobook….listen to the audiobook! Narrated by Felicia Day, I couldn’t stop laughing during the vast majority of the book.

I first discovered Felicia Day with her role in Eureka and thought she was incredible and hilarious. When I saw her audiobook on Audible, I knew I had to give it a try. When I saw that it was read by her as well, the decision was simple.

Prior to listening to this audiobook, I did not know anything about Felicia Day (sorry, Felicia!) beyond her role on Eureka (awesome TV show!). Now, I absolutely love her.

One of my favorite things about this book was that she presented her opinions and experiences without being derogatory or offensive in anything that she said. She did not get political, she did not bash anyone, she simply told her story and did it in a hilarious and relatable way. As someone who experiences anxiety and panic attacks, Felicia made me feel normal and not alone. If someone as powerful and experienced as her still experiences insecurities, why should I feel less for feeling the same way? Felicia inspires hope and determination in those that need it.

Felicia did not have anything handed to her, she has worked hard for all of her success. She has overcome adversity (both internal and external) to be successful in her passions.

I hope Felicia writes more books. Even if they aren’t memoirs, I would be very interested in reading any kind of work that she creates. Even though I am not a gamer, I will be checking out The Guild simply because I enjoy Felicia and I am intrigued to see how she input her own personality into the show.

Without a doubt, this is an audiobook that is well worth the listen! You won’t want to pause it and you will try to listen to it in one sitting. Thankfully, my normal commute is 45-60 minutes and this audiobook kept me entertained for every moment.

Felicia, can I please meet you and be your friend?!


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