KitNip Box November 2018 – Transportation

Subscription boxes are always fun for humans, but they are fun for your furry loved ones as well!

Midnight and Milo both love the toys that come in the KitNip box! This month’s theme was transportation so they got a stuffed taxi, helicopter, and sailboat. As roommates, Midnight and Milo play together all the time and share toys as well. This is the perfect box for them to get new toys at a reasonable price.

In addition to the 3 stuffed toys, they also received a bag of treats as well as a toy dangler for humans to play with them as well.

Best part, all of this only cost $19.99 + shipping! Each toy is valued at $5-$6 each so this box is definitely worth the price! And as you can see with Milo, the box is a toy as well 😉

If you are interested, here is a link to get started

See below for some pictures of the cats loving their toys! For videos, take a peek at my instagram:



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