September 2018 – In Another Time by Caroline Leech

While this was not one of my favorite books, I always enjoy the experience that Once Upon a Book Club provides.

First, the experience.
I absolutely love reading through a book and opening up different gifts as I am reading. It is very true that it brings the experience to life. I think my favorite gift with this book, was the tea strainer. Even though I’m not a tea drinker personally, my roommate loves it!

Now, the book.
The book was well-written but I’ll be honest, I found myself wanting to fall asleep while I read it. I simply could not get into the story line. Maybe part of it was that I typically read at night, but I found myself struggling to read more than a few pages at a time. This is disconcerting to me as normally I am a voracious reader and struggle to put books down!

Maisie simply was not relatable to me. While I emphasized with her journey, I wanted to skip pages so that I would get to more exciting parts. With that being said, I am very happy with the ending.


I love Once Upon a Book Club and it is one of my favorite experiences every month.


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