Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen

Growing up, what young girl has not read, or at least heard, various fairy tales? We grow up hearing them from one point of view: the villain is bad, the hero/heroine is good. But what made the villain the way they are? Was it sheer evil, or was it a product of circumstances that caused the person to change who they were. Was it conscious or unconscious? What was their purpose/mentality behind what they did? As kids, we don’t think about those things. We take everything at face value because we want to believe in good vs. bad. But life is never that simple. There are always shades of gray. And life causes people to do things that they never thought possible, or even considered that they would do.

For Snow White, all you hear is that the step-mother is evil, tried to kill her step-daughter, and put her into a coma-like sleep from an apple. But why did she do that? What caused her mind to become twisted enough to do this?

This is why I love Serena Valentine’s Villains series. It makes you look at the villains and see their story as well.

The Wicked Queen was jealous of Snow’s beauty….yes. But what made the jealousy so vile and overwhelming. Enter her father and a bewitched mirror. Always striving for your father’s approval, wanting more than anything to hear how beautiful you are, and being told that you would be the fairest if it wasn’t for your step-daughter….day after day after day. While it by no mean excuses what she did, this book allows the reader to see another side of the story


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