Lady Knight


I am so sad that this is the last book in the Protector of the Small series! I loved reading about Kel’s journey and I wish there was more.

With that being said, Lady Knight was a great way to end the series. Kel was able to accomplish her dreams and goals without sacrificing herself (physically and metaphorically) in the process. She has great friendships established that are more like family than friends. Kel proves that even though she is young and a woman, this is the right path for her. She proves herself time and time again that she is meant to be a knight and I loved seeing the leadership positions she was put into. Even when it wasn’t something she wanted, she accepted it and devoted herself to it. She put herself after others and by doing that, stayed true to herself and her morals.

This book was very well written and easy to lose yourself in. I highly recommend the entire series! Thanks again, Nicole, for recommending it to me. 🙂


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