The A-List


This week I have been wanting short, fun, easy books to read. I remembered reading the A-List series by Zoey Dean a few years ago and enjoying them so I thought, why not reread?

The first book of the series, The A-List, was exactly what I have been in the mood for. A quick, easy, but still enjoyable read.

Of course there are many points that I roll my eyes at. As do many of the fiction books about the privileged and wealthy. Nothing wrong with that lifestyle, it just seems very over-the-top.

In this book, I love that even though Anna comes from money, she is also intelligent and driven. She doesn’t expect things to be handed to her.

The dynamics between the characters so far are hilarious to me. Maybe it is because I am reading it from the perspective of a 26 year old. It’s difficult to see their problems as true hardships. But at that age, they are. It’s interesting to remember reading it when I was younger and able to semi-relate, and to read it now and not be able to relate at all.

All in all, a great book that fills the current literary need I have.


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