First off, OF COURSE KELADRY’S MYSTERIOUS BENEFACTOR WAS ALANNA!!!!!!!! Literally knew it was her from the very first gift.

Okay, that point aside, this book was fantastic! Lord Raoul was the perfect person to pick Keladry as his squire. The dynamics between the two were hilarious to read. No other lord would have let Keladry speak her mind as much as Raoul did.

I was also happy to see Keladry start a relationship with Cleon. It shows the evolution of her character that she was able to be with him, but not shirk her duties as a squire. Or lose sight of her dream and goals.

I have mixed feelings about the Chamber. I like that it punished the guy who hurt so many women. But I also don’t like that it basically mentally tortures anyone who goes in. Although I was happy that Joren is now gone. Especially since he got a slap on the wrist for kidnapping Lalasa and trying to ruin Keladry’s future. But the way Keladry handled it was perfect!

It is obvious that Keladry has a huge future ahead of her and I can’t wait to see where it leads.


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