Among the Impostors (Shadow Children 2)

In the second book of the Shadow Children series, Margaret Peterson Haddix takes the story to a whole new level.

Poor Luke has never been able to go to school, interact with other children (except his brothers and Jen), and now he is thrown into a boarding school setting where he has no idea how to act.

Luke, or Lee as he is now known, is immediately bullied by the other boys in his room. He isn’t sure how to handle this, since it is a brand new situation for him.

Lee does not like being cooped up inside. He is used to being able to go outdoors and even grow his own food. So when he discovers an open door leading outside, he is unable to resist the temptation.

This proves to both be a blessing and a curse for him.
I won’t give everything away 😉

Ultimately, Lee proves to be a hero and shows that he is definitely not a coward.

This novel is a story of overcoming obstacles and staying true to yourself. It shows that no matter who you are, you can make a difference.


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