Music Can Save Your Soul

Music can save your soul. I truly believe that. And when you lose music, it feels as if a part of you has died.

When you hear a song and all you can think about is a certain person. When an entire genre is ruined for you because there are a million memories associated with it. Because every time you hear that style, your mind takes you back, floods you with memories of a different time. A time when your life was different. A time when you were different. For good and/or bad.

It can take years before those memories don’t overwhelm. Years before you don’t feel as if you will breakdown.

But one day, you’ll find yourself listening to a particular song. And you’ll realize, you stayed in the present the entire time. And you’ll realize, that you are healed.

You’ll realize that music was never what was wrong. You’ll realize that music will always be there for you. That there is a song for every situation. And you’ll realize that music is one of the best ways to express yourself. Because music expresses your innermost thoughts and feelings. Even when you can’t express them to yourself.


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