Pathfinder (Pathfinder 1)


Orson Scott Card is an incredible writer. Pathfinder was engaging, complicated, mysterious, exciting, and so much more. You could not help but to relate to each character as the plot developed.


Rigg was devastated when his father died and then his life quickly turned upside down as he realized that everything he thought he knew about his life was wrong. As he takes off on adventure after adventure, he comes to learn more about himself and his “father”. He learns the value and strength of the lessons that his father taught him and his own strength in life. He grows to realize that he can depend upon his friends and that not everyone is whom they seem to be.

Umbo has been bullied by his father his entire life and is blamed when his brother dies, even though he could not have saved him. Throughout the journey with RiggUmbo constantly feels that he is not worthy, not good enough, and generally a burden to everyone around him. It is a relief at the end when, thanks to ParamUmbo realizes that he is special too.

Param has had both an easy and hard life. She has been sheltered by her mother, but her mother is also willing to sacrifice her to save the “royal line”. This is devastating for Param to realize, but by this time, she has found a brother and friends that she can depend on.

Loaf is a former soldier who is living a simple life with his wife, Leaky, until Rigg and Umbo stumble into it. He is a huge help to the boys and he enjoys the adventure as well.

Overall, this was a fantastic book and I can’t wait to read the second book in the series.


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